Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 1 on Loma de Luz Campus

I arrived into Balfate (the county where the hospital is located) late Friday evening. For whatever reason, I didn't get a lot of good sleep that first night. And sleep is what I really needed after a very long day in the city. I woke up at 3am, and then wasn't able to really fall back to sleep until 6. About two hours later, the head of nursing comes knocking on my front door saying someone was in labor and they needed a pediatric nurse in case there were any complications with the baby. It isn't routine for the hospital to do births, but the midwife didn't want to turn her away because she was so far into labor.

There are two things I should make known: 1) pediatric nurses do NOT help deliver babies, in fact, pediatric nurses rarely take care of babies younger than 8 days old and 2)I have never seen a delivery much less helped out with one.

There I am, standing in the room, with no idea about what is about to happen, or how I should respond to whatever does happen. Within probably 10 minutes of my arrival, and baby girl is delivered. I'm soon handed this beautiful, small child...and I have no idea what to do with it. All I want to do is take vital signs and do a full assessment, but I just froze. Thankfully one of the doctors leaned over and started telling me things to do. Apparently my instinct to take a full set vitals was a miss:)

There is nothing like getting thrown in to learn how to swim. :)


  1. that is incredible.

    i'm so glad you started this. i will definitely be following this.

    btw- can you send me the address of the place you're at? i'd love to write you some. sorry for not having kept in touch the past month and a half or so.

    look forward to hearing from you soon.

  2. Wow Joelle! They sure do put you to work fast! It sounds like you're going to have an awesome experience! Can't wait to here more about Honduras!

  3. Joelle, Awesome Story! I just hope that you do not have to scrub in for open heart surgery soon. May the God of your fathers be with you always. Love ya sis!

  4. You're gonna do great! Stay in the word and on your knees. He'll never leave you. :) I am very proud of you!

  5. Ganbatte ne! You can do it! I am praying for you as you start this new adventure. I just know the God will use you in so many ways :) Love you!

  6. hmmmm....i love this story; i can see you now... you are doing great and learning so much =)im so proud of you!!