Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Dump

Here is young girl who lives at the city dump in La Ceiba. La Ceiba is about an hour and half drive from were the hospital is located. It is the third largest city in Honduras and is where we go weekly to get groceries. Many people live at the dump, and actually go through the trash to find things they can clean or build and re-sell.

One of the missionaries goes twice a week to the city dump (a place where many Hondurans reside) and teaches children about the Bible and gives them a meal. This is one of the girls who comes regularly to the program. There are several things to note about this picture. First, there is glass scattered on the ground under this girl's bare feet. There is no money for shoes, despite all the glass in the roads and walkways here. There's barely money for food. While walking through the streets, I saw one little boy crying and shouting at his mom about how hungry he was.

The second thing to notice is that she is eating out of her hands (which are far from clean). What is she eating? One of the children found a can of sweetened condensed milk in the garbage. All of the children began running up, cupping their hands so that they could share in on some of the treat.

I have to say that being there was a lot like I imagined it to be, but worse. Worse because what I imagined is actual reality. How blessed we are. And how greedy we can be with our blessings.

Houses at the dump

Children eating the lunch provided

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